As public buyer the digital ESPD can now be integrated in the Questionnaire of your tender. An interactive PDF-file therefore is no longer necessary.
In only a few steps you can adjust this application in your company and tender. 

Are you a supplier and need to know how to fill in the form? Then please click here.

View the video tutorial here:

1. Check with your company administrator whether your company is using the digital ESPD in Negometrix

Go to Company in the menu on the right, click Edit and check if the box Activate digital ESPD is checked in combination with Public buyer.

2. Create a question with the Type Digital ESPD

Go to the questionnaire in your tender and open the question group in which you want to add the ESPD. Click Add question and choose for the Type in the question Digital ESPD. In the text box first give a brief explanation for the suppliers.

3. Start setting up the ESPD

Click on the blue button 'Start digital ESPD'. Following this you will be presented with the website of the European Single Procurement Document. Indicate that you are a contracting authority and follow all the steps to the Finish.

Take a look at the overview and check the entire document. Is everything filled in correctly? Then Save. You will be redirected to Negometrix where the form will be ready for application. You will also see the green text stating Digital ESPD completed.

4. Choose the correct evaluation method

Just like for the Document evaluation or Open question you have to evaluate the suppliers' answers. Therefore you choose the evaluation method as well. The most popular for the digital ESPD is Yes/No so that you have to verify the form during the evaluation phase with a Yes.

Finally click Save to save this question in your questionnaire.

EXTRA: Would you still like to receive the digital ESPD with a standard signature?

Give instructions to your suppliers, stating that they will have to download the ESPD as a PDF after filling it out. This allows them to download it, sign it, upload it and submit it once again. In order to make this possible you have to create an additional question in the questionnaire as the question type Digital ESPD does not allow an upload of additional documents. 

EXTRA: What if a supplier is cooperating with others as a combination in the tender?

Once a supplier has filled out and saved the form they will see a link with which more ESPD forms can be added. For every other participant in the cobination an additional digital ESPD can be created.